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The healthcare industry today has become more like fast-food chain service with a speedy impersonal approach to dealing with your health concerns, leaving you feeling frustrated and devalued as a person. We disagree with this philosophy.

Our licensed physical therapist has the experience and personalized approach to give you the appropriate attention you desire without the rush of today’s healthcare system. By identifying your target area(s) of need through an in-depth evaluation, we will design a comprehensive plan of intervention and set appropriate goals.

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downtown Washington, DC.

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We have serviced a wide range of conditions, including:

We believe “Your Health is Your Wealth!” Your well-being is a sacred and vital element directly related to every aspect of your life.Our goal is to promote your health and awareness. In addition to a physical therapy program, we help you make choices that will enhance your daily lifestyle and ongoing wellness If you have a question, we have an answer. Call us today.

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